Welcome to Ìrírí.

Ìrírí studios is an art incubator, a home for artsy creatives, visual artists, photographers, film makers, designers and performers. A creative home with a single slogan—Live a lot.

Like life itself, we are multifaceted

A poem on yellow days comes to mind, and the magnificence of the beauty within royalty.


A movement born out of the need for artists to create out of genuine unhindered expression.

Ini Oluwa

A visual artist. “Faceless people and dreamy landscapes”. That’s who I am.


An artistic design brand committed to designing and executing timeless murals.


Mobile Photography and short stories.

Community Projects

We also get involved in amazing projects in the community to spread the magic of art and creativity.

Emerging Communities Africa

Ceder Hill, Art Summer Project

Get amazing and creative minds on your next project